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Adrenalin Labs: ASP Chat  Idioma Visitas
ASP Chat facilitates realtime chat over the web. Supports multiple chat rooms, a who's online feature, private messages, as well as the ability to create ad hoc chat rooms on the fly. 


ASP Fun Chat  Idioma Visitas
ASP Fun Chat is an easy to set up, customize, play with ASP chat program. General features include: 5 min. usertimeout - not acting counts, 5 rooms for 50 users - 10 for each one, 150 rotating messages - 30 in each room, counters for visitors, messages, chatters, lockable spaces above the first one, redirects to accessible rooms at login, and sound signal for all actions, drop-ins. password protected features include: access hidden rooms, set topic in every room, remove users and messages, watch all rooms at once, change passwords, lock up entire chat, and reset, clear chat area. 


ASP Chat Room (LiquidChat)  Idioma Visitas
LiquidChat is a database-driven ASP chat room program. Some of it main features include: List of active users, Ability to send Private Messages, Ability to change "Status" message, Ability to change font color/type/size, Includes a configuration script where you can change: Idle time, Refresh rate, Archive Days, Font color/type/size, Background colors, Frame border colors, and more. 


ASP Chat Application  Idioma Visitas
This chat application is implemented entirely in ASP and is ready to run immediately. All you need to do is create a virtual directory for the application, and copy the files from the .zip file into that directory. 


Pipey's Flash Chat  Idioma Visitas
This is an ASP/Flash combo chat system featuring a nice and clean user interface. Its current features include skins support, Multiple Rooms (with user counts so you can see if there's anyone there), Password-Protected Rooms, private messages, 'mood icons', customisable Login and Logout screens and Drop-down menu navigation. Users can obtain an HTML transcript of their chat session and save it for future reference. 


Cool Café  Idioma Visitas
Cool Café is an ASP chat application. Features include: multilingual chatting (currently offer french and english but you can easily add your own language), multiple chatting rooms, membership system database driven, system and user management using web based interface, users can choose a graphic that will represent them in chatting room, text formatting that let users choose color and style for each message sent, support private conversation one on one, users can ignore other user messages, admin can broadcast message to all room, users can modify their profile with a simple click, security management that let you have more then one administrator and ban users fully customizable - Text is manage through style sheet and you can have different graphics for each page and for each language supported, and all messages and text are external to the html page making it easy to customize . 


ConquerChat  Idioma Visitas
ConquerChat is an HTML-based chat programmed using ASP. It features user list display, clean interface, optional cookie-based user tracking, multiple rooms and more. For it to run properly, you will need to modifiy your 'global.asa' file. 


LiveChat  Idioma Visitas
LiveChat is an easy to install live chat application written in ASP and VBScript. It features moods, users online, and more. 


GO Chat  Idioma Visitas
This is an ASP-based chat program that does not use any database or FSO. Features private messages, images, automatic refresh and more. The online example is available at: http://www.guarulhos.org/go/chat.asp 


ShoutBox!  Idioma Visitas
ShoutBox! is a free small asp chat application with a twist that once attached to your site will let your users talk and hold discussions between them while surfing your site. This chat app, doesn't require any 3rd party components, applets, plug-ins or databases, it's ready to run and easy to customize. 


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